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Psychic healing: Helping patients in ways that medicine can't

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Do you believe in miracles? Some people do, especially two women and the people they "heal." This is the story of a Phoenix teenager saved by highly skilled doctors (and spirit surgeons).

Will the skills of these two valley women make a believer out of you?

"My son is there he's dying, it didn't even look like there was a life, he's out," says Jennifer Bridwell.

It was just four months ago 19-year-old Kenneth Bridwell was hospitalized. He was in a fight at a friend's home, and suffered a serious head injury.

On her way to Barrow's Neurological Institute, Kenneth's mother Jennifer texted Debra Martin.

"I received a text on my phone at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning," says Debra.

"I never met Debbie I never talked to her I just heard of her from my sisters because they cleaned her house."

Debra Martin and Sheri Getten work together as healers.

"This is something we take very serious, it was given to us, it was a gift that was given," says Debra.

"I allow God to work through me as his instrument," says Sheri.

After they shared a near death experience in a car accident that could have killed them both, Debra became a certified medium. And Sheri was trained as a reconnection healer.

"We have formed this healing technique that no one else in the world is doing."

Jennifer Bridwill's call came as her son was being wheeled into a surgery at Barrow.

"They warned me obviously that there was a very high risk of death or paralysis or a coma, there are so many things after this kind of brain injury," says Jennifer.

But the two healers had no idea what was wrong with Kenneth, or where he was being treated.

"I didn't give Debbie much detail I just let her know that my son had been hurt and that he was in the hospital having surgery."

Debra and Sheri normally work on clients inside a small room at a community church in Scottsdale. But when the patient is miles away, they can still make a connection.

"I will be on the table and the spiritual surgeon will be working on me going through the exact same thing that the person in the hospital," says Debra.

"I never touch the person I just send energy through my hands to the different areas where I feel guided," says Sheri.

After the healing, Debra called Kenneth's mom.

"She told me when he comes out of there, he is going to shock the doctors."

And after the surgery, nothing but good news.

"This was like an angel coming out of heaven delivering the best news I ever had in my life, that my son made it through," says Jennifer.

But would Kenneth have permanent brain damage? Surprising everyone in the room but his mother, Kenneth woke up.

"Last thing I remember I was walking out the front door and woke up in the hospital," says Kenneth.

"Once he is awake this is where we witness all these miracles," says Jennifer.

"They had me stand up to see if I could stand. I was a little unbalanced. After I walked around for 20 seconds I could walk fine," says Kenneth.

Today, Kenneth is back at work at his grandparents' full service gas station in Phoenix. None the worse for his ordeal.

"It was an absolute miracle what happened to me but luckily I am here to tell what happened."

But it's the kind of "miracle" some find hard to believe. There's no clear line between the miracle real doctors performed on Kenneth and what healers like Debra and Sheri say God performed through them.

"We are not doctors, we do not diagnose, we do not tell them to stop seeing doctors, we believe God works through those doctors at the same time he's working through us and it all goes together," says Debra.

And the healers don't work for free. It's $333 for an hour session.

"Everybody has a gift, whether you're a doctor whether you're a counselor whether you are a teacher whether you are an artist. Whatever it is we all have our own gifts and everybody gets paid for those gifts so they can feed their family," says Debra.

"When we charge they are stepping into their healing saying wow I paid for this?" says Sheri.

In an event open to the public, Debra Martin and Sheri Getten will appear with Doctor Eben Alexander in Scottsdale on October first.

Alexander is the author of "Proof of Heaven" -- 44 weeks as number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

"We are coming together to show that we can speak and give knowledge to others, don't fear death because it's far greater than we have here," says Debra.

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